The purtiest spot this side of heaven. (At least that's what the good folks of Miller's Creek will tell ya.)And speaking of folks, you won't meet nicer people anywhere on the planet. 

Pull up a chair and sit for a spell, while we get you a glass of iced tea from Granny's Kitchen.

Here are a few photos to get you acquainted. I'll introduce the first three people, and leave the other characters to fend for themselves.

The People:

This here's our mayor, Steve Miller. Between running the Miller family ranch and looking after the affairs of Miller's Creek, he's run pretty ragged. Proud of his heritage, there's no doubt in anyone's mind, that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Miller's Creek on the map.

Now if we could just find him a wife.

The newest resident of Miller's Creek is Dani Davis, a city slicker from the Big D. The niece of our beloved Mama Beth, it's hard not to like this lovable and friendly lady...even if she is might over-dressed for our small town.

Don't stop by Miller's Creek without getting to know our beloved Mama Beth. You won't meet a kinder (or wiser) lady.

It's not at all unusual to see a bunch of cowboys in the area. The hard part is figuring out which ones are actual cowboys, and which ones just dress that way to make people think they are. (And if you're stopping in for a visit, be sure to catch some gorgeous Texas sunsets.)

Hi, folks. I'm J. C. Watson. Nice to meet cha. Let me know if I can help you out in any way. Take care and God bless.

I'm Coot Sanders, the guy on the right with the svelte figure! Ha-ha! Normally I wear some orange suspenders the other old geezers gave me as a gift. You can't miss me 'cuz I'm loud! Ha!

Otis. Otis Thacker. Got nuthin' else to say. Hmph!

I'm Wanda Cates, secretary at City Hall. The mayor keeps me on the run with his crazy notions for the town. If you ask me, I think that man needs a long nap and a wife, and not necessarily in that order! If you need to know anything about Miller's Creek, just ask me. As you might well imagine, I hear it all.

Bo Miller's the name. I'm mighty proud of my son, Steve, the mayor of Miller's Creek. My roots go deep here, so I'm always happy to see new folks enjoy this place as much as I do. Be sure to drop in at the ranch if you're ever in town.

The Town:
Miller's Creek is named for the rocky stream that runs through town. A raging torrent during spring-time rains, the creek drops to near nothin' in the scorching Texas heat of July and August.

In our neck of the woods, everything pulls double duty. Don't be surprised to find a school gymnasium that's also the community center, or a convenience store that doubles as a hardware store (like Miller's Creek's own B & B Hardware--the only place in town where you can buy a bucket of nails and a late-afternoon snack.)

Miller's Creek has some of the purtiest homes you'll ever see. This one here belongs to Miss Mama Beth, the woman who serves as a mother figure to the whole town.

A photo of downtown Miller's Creek from the town square. The tallest building is City Hall, where our mayor Steve Miller works to take the town back to what it used to be.

Here's a shot of the old Texaco station and Miller's Creek Community Church.

Here's the old train depot. 'Course the train don't come through here no more. 

And here's the gazebo in the town square. Right purty, don't you think?

The Surrounding Area:
You don't want to miss the surrounding countryside. Rolling hills, pasture land, and a spring-time wildflower show that puts the rest of the world to shame. Find ya a dirt road and go explorin'. You never know whatcha might find, but it'll always be an adventure.

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet, a member of the lupine family. You've never seen nothin' so purty as miles of bluebonnet-lined roadsides. Worthy of a special trip, but don't forget your camera and a picnic lunch.

Of course, you'll see plenty of animals. Mostly horses and cows, but don't be surprised if you run into a few deer, coons, possums, coyotes, armadillos, and rattlesnakes.

Thanks for droppin' in for a visit. Y'all come back now!

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