Spoiler Alert!! The following questions could spoil the story for you, so you may want to wait until you've finished the story to visit this page.

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1. What was your first impression of Dani? How would you describe her to a friend? How do you relate to Dani, and how are you different? What is her worst character flaw? Her most admirable quality? Answer these same questions for Steve and Mama Beth.

2. Which characters would you like to see in future books in the Miller's Creek series? Why?

3. Which character in the book left you with the most unanswered questions? Which character do you think about the most? Why?

4. What are the pros and cons of living in a close-knit community like Miller's Creek? How is city living different? How did Dani's expectations of small-town living meet the reality? Describe your community. Do they band together in times of crisis the way the people of Miller's Creek do?

5. Steve struggled with his mother's illness and in knowing how to pray for the situation. Dani battled with trusting a God who allowed difficulty. In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of enduring hardship and suffering? How has hardship and suffering shaped Dani? Steve? Mama Beth?

6. Because of the change in Dani's heart she gives Steve and others a second chance. What were the results of some situations in your own life when you chose to forgive and extend a second chance?

7. Why do you think Dani doesn't put up more of a fight when people choose to believe the worst about her? Are her motives completely altruistic? Why or why not?

8. Do you think Dani and Steve's differences served to attract them to one another or to drive a wedge between them?

9. Dani and Mama Beth both harbor secrets. Why? How are their secrets different from one another? Their motives? How are their secrets alike? And their motives?

10. Why does Dani struggle with believing God loves her? How have her relationships with her parents and husband affected how she sees herself? How does that play in with how she perceives God seeing her? How does your past affect your relationship with God?

11. What was the main spiritual turning point for Dani in the story? Do you think the road to salvation is a quick or lengthy process for most people? What obstacles did the enemy put in Dani's way to hinder her from believing?

12. What or who made the most impact or had the most influence on Dani's decision to trust in God? Or was it a combination of things? How is this alike or different from most people, in your opinion? What person or event most impacted you in your decision to follow Christ? Do you believe that you've influenced someone's life to the point that he or she accepted Christ?

13. Steve believes that he is inadequate and ineffective in his efforts to help Dani know God. Have you ever felt that way? Is Steve actually ineffective? How can you apply this to your life?

14. What do you see as the theme of this novel?

15. What symbols do you see used in the story? What is the main symbol, and how does it intertwine with the theme?

16. In the early scene with Dani and Mama Beth on the porch (Chapter 4), what symbols are used to represent how Dani sees her life? How are these symbols used to show the potential for change in Dani?

17. How is Mama Beth's garden symbolic of Dani's life?

18. How is the shattered glass in Chapter 28 symbolic of what is happening in Dani's life?

19. Why is finding home so important to Dani? What do you suppose would have happened to her had she not found it? How would it affect Dani and the story?

20. What characteristics in Mama Beth cause the people of Miller's Creek to view her as a mother figure?

21. In the first part of the book, why do you think Steve is so antagonistic toward Dani?

22. How would you describe Dani and Cecille's relationship? Why do you think their relationship is that way? How could their relationship have played out differently in the story? Do you think Cecille loves Dani? Does Dani love Cecille? How has wealth and social status influenced Cecille's character?

23. Why do you think Dani struggles so much with the decision to move to Miller's Creek? Have you ever faced a decision where you felt nothing but opposition? How did it affect you? How did it influence your decision?

24. What is the significance of Dani finding the kitten?

25. We are all quick to make assumptions about others. What are some of the assumptions Dani and Steve make about each other? What are some of the assumptions you made about the characters as they were introduced? Name several places in the story where characters made hasty, and often incorrect, judgments. Why did they make these assumptions, and with what consequences? Have you ever been on the receiving end of incorrect assumptions? How did you feel? How did it change you?

26. People of wealth are often perceived as not needing anything. What was Steve's initial perception of Dani, and why was it wrong? Do you know some wealthy people that you may have judged unfairly and incorrectly?

27. What is the deeper meaning behind Steve's comment to Dani, when he says: "I'll take care of the places you can't reach"?

28. How do you think Dani's life would have differed had she not been given up for adoption? Would her life have been easier or more difficult? Why?

29. Do you think Mama Beth made the right decision to give up her child? Why or why not?

30. Dani often questions God and His goodness. What are your thoughts and feelings about people questioning God? Is it wrong? Why or why not?

31. Dani wonders on more than one occasion about divine intervention. Can you recall a time in your life when you recognized God's hand at work? Was it during the process or afterward?

32. What do you think was the turning point for Steve in his feelings of love for Dani? What brought on those feelings? Answer the same questions for Dani.

33. How is the problem with Miller's Creek symbolic of life?

34. Miller's Creek is full of colorful characters. Which one is your favorite, and why?

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