Chapter Thirteen ~ Out On The Town (3/30/10)
Chapter Fourteen ~ An Invitation Home (4/6/10)
Chapter Fifteen ~ Mamas And Marigolds (4/13/10)
Chapter Sixteen ~ From Despair, Hope (4/20/10)
Chapter Seventeen ~ The New Man In Town (4/27/10)
Chapter Eighteen ~ Secrets Kept (5/4/10)
Chapter Nineteen ~ Torn (5/11/10)
Chapter Twenty ~ Seeking (5/18/10)
Chapter Twenty-One ~ A Star-Spangled Rodeo (5/25/10)
Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Double Trouble (6/1/10)
Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Assumptions (6/8/10)
Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Nightmares (6/15/10)
Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Death And Destruction (6/22/10)
Chapter Twenty-Six ~ Hurricane Cecille (6/29/10)
Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Buried Treasure (7/6/10)
Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ One Secret Kept, Another Uncovered (7/13/10)
Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ Finding Home (7/20/10)
Chapter Thirty ~ The Search (7/27/10)
Chapter Thirty-One ~ Full Circle (8/3/10)
Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Dreams Fulfilled (8/10/10)


Barb said...

Hi Cathy. I read C-1 of Texas Roads from your website. Wonderful! Looking forward to more. I'm just setting up my website, and will be happy to feature you and Texas Roads as soon as it's organized!

Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Barb~

Glad you enjoyed Chapter 1! More to come!

And thanks so much for the offer to help spread the word about the book. Just give me a holler when you're ready! =)

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I finished Texas Roads with a big smile on my face. The characters were wonderful. I had no trouble picturing the old codgers sitting outside Granny's cutting up, or Mama Beth who occasionally did get her feathers ruffled. Dani responded to all of the trouble in a way that I guess I picture myself responding, but because of the witness shown her, she turned in the right direction for help and what a transformation. Thanks for bringing this story to us.


Cathy Bryant said...

Kim, I'm sooo glad you enjoyed Texas Roads! (And thanks for letting me know.) I fell in love with the characters myself. That is, until I got so tired of them carrying on conversations in my head that I banished them from my brain! I'll let them back in when it's time to finish Book 2. =)

lotus82 said...

Hi Cathy,

This is a new way of reading a book for me. Thanks for the opportunity. This looks like a wonderful read. I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

Thanks again.

Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Steph! I've made a few minor changes to the version you'll read here, but I hope you still enjoy it! And please do let me know what you think!


Sarah K. said...

I just read your book today, and since I'm part of a book club with my mom and some other ladies from our church, I sent them the link to your site. So I hope you were planning on leaving the chapters up for a while.
I'm not very good at reviewing books, but I'll try.
I liked that you didn't just make this a Christian lite book. When your characters started having questions about God, and his plan for their lives, you had them have discussions about it.
I had a bit of a hard time believing that Dani and Steve were 35 and 35-9. They seemed younger to me, but that could be because I'm 20.
Also, (and not that it really matters, since you're free to name your characters as you wish) Steve didn't seem like a Steve to me. But maybe that's because of the Steve's I've known.
So anyway, I liked your book, good luck with the next one, and I'm sorry this is such a long post.

Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for sharing your observations and insights. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I appreciate you directing others to the site. The second book in the Miller's Creek novels is now available. You can learn more about it HERE:

Many Blessings,